Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A few quick ones

  1. The World Series starts tomorrow.My prediction - Boston in 5, Mike Napoli is the Series MVP, Boston's bats destroy Michael Wacha.
  2. The end of the season couldn't have come sooner. I really feel overloaded with baseball this year.I hope my Red Sox wrap up this series fast.
  3. Two weeks of Israeli basketball have passed, and we already have the first foreigner cut - and unlike the rumors, it wasn't Sherwood Brown, but Maccabi Rishon's Dwayne Mitchell, who averaged 13 minutes and 2.5 per game in the first two weeks. His teammate Brian Hopkins is rumoured to be the next one to go.His replacement will be the 52nd foreign player to play in Israel this season. At least semi-officially, as Brown and Devin Smith still haven't played in the league so far, and Brown has yet to make an official appearance for Haifa.
  4. Wasn't this Monday's game between the Vikings and the Giants the NFL's equivalent of the stoppable force meeting the movable object? Think about it.
  5. College Hoops return soon. Can't wait.
Cheers till the next time.

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