Friday, August 23, 2013

UFC - a live twitter exchange between Dana White and Yahoo Sports writer Kevin Iole

Dana White is not known as a man that holds back his thoughts, especially when irritated.So the following remark from Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole  (one of the most respected journalists in the sport, in my opinion) an hour ago triggered what was maybe not a full pledged Dana White style assault, but definitely a harsh response
Vitor Belfort's last two fights were indeed in Brazil - A knockout of Luke Rockhold in May, and another KO, of Michael Bisping in January.His previous fight was the infamous last moment substitution against Jon Jones in Canada last September.Now he's scheduled another fight in Brazil, against Dan Henderson in November - a rematch of a 2006 fight in Pride, after which Belfort tested positive for elevated level of testosterone.
But it wasn't the neglection of the Jones fight that lit a fire under White.It was the last word of Iole's tweet.And so it began.
Immediately followed by

Iole then asked the question directly
White obviously would have the last word

At this point the twitter exchange stopped.Maybe Iole did indeed call White. It was an interesting point raised by Iole, regarding the lacking drug tests in Brazil.Personally - I doubt White would knowingly allow Belfort to cheat and present him with a shortcut.Vitor Belfort is indeed a major draw in Brazil, and it does make sense from a business point of view to let him fight in Brazil.For example GSP's last four fights were held in Canada, three of which - in his native Quebec.

It will be interesting to read Kevin Iole's next Yahoo Sports column, and see his take on this word exchange.